Save data only option now included!

We have now introduced a "save only" option in BindFit. Simply select the "save data only" options (NMR or UV) towards the bottom. You do need to make sure your input data is formatted correctly (first raw headers, column 1 - host conc, column 2 - guest con and column 3-end measured values). Once you uploaded you data you get straight to the "save" option for the database and you get the opportunity to add additional information (meta data) to your input data before saving it to our database and getting an unique URL's.

Why would anyone want to do this you may ask? We had severval requests for this option as it allows people to archive their data using our database even if they haven't used our website to fit the data. This might include historial data that had already been proceesed with other software packages or cases where you had to use a different program / equilibria that is currently not available on our site. The benefit for you in that situation is that you can still submit unique URL's with your datasets with your publications so that everyone has access to your raw data after publication in the spirit of the Open Access movement and for the benefit of the reviewers.

Current rating: 4