The Team

The Team

The following people are behind the Open Data Fit project:

Project leader: Prof. Pall Thordarson – CBNS @ UNSW

IT and programming managers: James Wilmot and Varvara Efremova

Reporting problems or bugs here

App contribution guidelines coming soon. For specific app feature requests or to report bugs, feel free to submit an issue report on one of our github repositories.

Patron of the Project

Sir Fraser Stoddart - 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Project Advisory Board

Chair: Prof. Thomas Davis – CBNS @ Monash

Prof. Bradley Smith – U. Notre Dame, USA

Prof. Jonathan Sessler – U. Texas Austin, USA

Prof. Ben Boyd – CBNS @ Monash

Prof. Edmund Crampin – CBNS @ Melbourne

Dr. Simon Corrie – CBNS @ Monash

Mr. Matt Faria – CBNS @ Melbourne

Em/Prof. D. Brynn Hibbert – UNSW & IUPAC

Prof. Phil Gale – U. Southampton UK

Prof. Eric Anslyn – U. Texas Austin, USA

A/Prof. Jason Harper – UNSW

Dr. Chris Marjo – MWAC @ UNSW

Prof. Maria Cavarallis – Children's Cancer Institute Australia & CBNS @ UNSW



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