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Save data only option now included!

We have now introduced a "save only" option in BindFit. Simply select the "save data only" options (NMR or UV) towards the bottom. You do need to make sure your input data is formatted correctly (first raw headers, column 1 - host conc, column 2 - guest con and column 3-end measured values). Once you uploaded you data you get straight to the "save" option for the database and you get the opportunity to add additional information (meta data) to your input data before saving it to our database and getting an unique URL's.

Ideas and suggestions

Got any new ideas or suggestions for us? Please don't hesitate to contact us by email to Palli at opendatafit

Experimental blog

This is our experimental blog - a blog for all of us to post how-to articles, experimental tips, questions and concerns regarding supramolecular chemistry experiments with focus on titration experiments. Email us here if have some suggestions (n.b. we have closed this for comments due to spamming)